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My Camping Clothes Don’t Stink!

If your camping clothes keep smelling less and less fresh and more and more like sweat and campfire every time you wear them, it’s likely you have lingering odor issues. Detergent alone can’t seem to lift the stink from your outdoor camping or active wear. Well, never fear. Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator specializes in this very issue. Lingering odors that can’t be controlled with detergents need something stronger. Febreze’s laundry odor eliminator works deep into fibers to remove odor-causing particles. Detergents merely cover up odors with perfumes, which is why the smells linger and resurface soon after washing. In the article linked below, the author at (a partner of Yahoo! Sports) tried Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator, and it “did the trick” in respect to lingering odors. Check out the full article on the website–full of great tips for better smelling camping clothes!

3 ways to get you smelling better in the backcountry

Dude, what stinks? Let’s just make sure the answer to that question is not you.

Stink: Your outdoor clothes already smell awful before you get to the trailhead

Solution: It’s pretty tough to ward off the stench of new sweat and grime when the armpit of your T-shirt is already odoriffic.

Not sure? Next time you wash, give that puppy the smell test after it comes out of the washer or dryer. You might be shocked.

In this case, you can a) pitch your oldest shirts and start fresh with a high-performance, fast-drying, lightweight synthetic fabric or naturally wicking material like wool, or b) add something to your laundry to suck out the stench before your next activity.

I tried a Febreze in-wash odor eliminator that seemed to do the trick, but there are also de-stinking sprays that allow you to pinpoint a specific raunchy area (you know the ones) as a “pre-wash” — even smart, biodegradable base-layer cleaners that attack the stuff that sits closest to the skin.

There you have it: no matter your offense, you’ve got a defense. No one has to hike alone, after all.

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