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Cooking Odors Removed

Cooking odors caused by cooking oils, fish, spices, and other aromatic edibles are removed from dish towels, tablecloths, and clothes with Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator. The cooking series, “Real Food Real Kitchens,” has endorsed Febreze’s laundry additive in the article linked and excerpted below as a handy way to remove cooking odors from clothes and other items. Cooking odors, like many odors, can get trapped deeply in fabrics, and then detergent alone just isn’t strong enough to get the odors out. While detergents can do a decent job of covering up odors, Febreze In-Wash actually lifts odor causing particles from deep within fibers. And these particles are then rinsed away during the rinse cycle of the wash. The result is clothes, towels, dish cloths, and table linens that don’t smell like yesterday’s meal. Check out the “Real Food Real Kitchens” website to find out how to watch the series and how to buy their cookbooks. And for “real odor elimination” use Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator when you do laundry!

Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator

We are in the kitchen all day long here at Real Food Real Kitchens and by the end of the day it can be a big old mess! Sometimes the smells of the kitchen blend in to the clothes we are wearing and by the end of the day we always have a load of clothes, dish towels, tablecloths, etc… to throw in the wash. This is when the odor eliminating goodness of Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator comes in handy.

Detergent cleans your clothes but it only goes so deep in eliminating those lingering odors and that’s where Febreze In-Wash steps in to completely rid your wash of them. It’s easy, you just add the solution to the wash with you detergent and let it work its magic.

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