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Dorm Room Essentials

Thinking about dorm room essentials as you or your child will soon be living in a college dormitory? Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator provides a simple and easy way to remove odors from towels and clothes that have been neglected, possibly in the corner of a dorm room or in a forgotten hamper by someone who has little to no prior laundry experience. In the article linked below, The Courier-Journal (part of the USA Today Network) suggests sending kids off to the dorm with a bottle of Febreze’s odor-eliminating laundry additive. It is super simple to use. No previous laundry experience necessary. To use Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator, all you do is add a measured amount of the liquid to the load of laundry in the washing machine at the same as your regular detergent. No extra steps, no extra process involved. And Febreze removes tough odors in just one wash. Odors don’t return, because the smell hasn’t been covered up with perfumes. Rather, the odor-causing particles have actually been lifted from the fibers and then rinsed aways. Of course, when that same towel is left wet and balled up in the corner of the dorm room for another month, yes, there is probably going to be an odor problem again. Febreze can eliminate odors, but it can’t eliminate bad habits like not laundering towels promptly after use. But just as students in college will be developing better writing and researching habits, hopefully they will be developing better laundry habits too. But, as in all things, there’s possibly a learning curve. So when you think dorm room essentials, think Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator!

Send your kid to college with this stink fighter

As you send your college student off to school, remember they’ll be doing their own laundry – or we hope they will be doing laundry.

To help cut down on dorm room stink thanks to clothes that have spent a little too long in the hamper or well-used work-out gear, consider sending along a little something extra.

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