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Stinky Laundry

Stinky laundry is a problem no one wants to deal with, but fortunately Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator removes odors from clothes as you wash them. Check out the article linked below to see how Febreze’s laundry additive can help with stinky laundry.

Stinky laundry? Give Febreze in-wash Odor Eliminator a try.

Moms know the daily struggle. Laundry is a pile of dreaded never ending stink! From baby blowouts, to kid sweat, to gym gear odor, it’s a constant battle to keep your crew smelling fresh. Sometimes all the extra effort put into a load still isn’t enough to rid your home of the lingering stench. Febreze in-wash Odor Eliminator was created specifically to combat just that. It eats that ever enduring stink to tackle those hard to beat smells. Gone are the days of wondering if that smelly breeze you just caught wind of is coming from your pack. Just add a cap to your wash and let Febreze work its magic.

My Thoughts

Febreze has always made a product that I liked and admired. There is just something about their product that really does eliminate tough odors.

I got to try the Febreze in-wash Odor Eliminator. They send a super smell T-shirt and a sample of the product to was the T-shirt with. The shirt stunk…I have no idea what they did to get this shirt to stink, but it did, big time. I was skeptical to put the shirt in the wash with my good clothes, so I made a small load of some house towels for daily grime clean up (that always stink) and the shirt.

You still use your detergent with this. The Febreze in-wash Odor Eliminator is just there to get rid of odor. You just add this into the water when you’re adding your detergent. I was tempted to put my washer on extra rinse, but didn’t. After the wash was done, I smelled the clothes before tossing in the dryer. They smelled good. The stinky shirt didn’t stink any longer.

As well, when I pulled it out of the dryer, no odor. I wore the shirt one day to get an idea if I sweat or got wet, would the smell come back. And I’m happy to report that it didn’t. This is a product I will be keeping in my household for sure.

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