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Washing Wading Clothes

Washing wading clothes can be a real challenge. Fishing and wading clothes easily pick up the scent of the body of water and the scent of the fish. Fortunately, Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator is formulated to handle tough odors like those acquired from a day or a weekend spent fishing in and around rivers, streams, and other waterways. While detergents can cover up odors with heavy perfumes, the odor relief experienced from these is temporary at best, and soon the clothes will be smelling like a fish that is wearing cologne, and that’s not a pleasant smell to be smelling. Febreze In-Wash actually eliminates odors by lifting odor-causing particles away from fabrics, and then these previously well-entrenched odors are rinsed away. The article linked below includes lots of useful information about fly fishing, including a nice list of “fly-fishing basics for reds and specks.” And it also mentions how Febreze’s laundry odor eliminator works with your regular laundry detergent to eliminate tough odors in fishing and wading clothes. And it’s not just fishy odors either. Febreze gets rid of smoke, pet, sweaty workout, and mildew odors as well. So, for example, you are fishing by day and sitting in front of a campfire by night. That is going to leave an interesting mix of smells on the clothes you have worn. Just add Febreze’s laundry additive to the washer at the same time that you add regular detergent, and the detergent will wash away the dirt and grime from the weekend spent outdoors, and Febreze will wash away the odors. The challenge of washing wading clothes is solved!

Now Is A Good Time To Fly

Eliminate odors from fishing and wading clothes with Febreze In-wash Odor Eliminator, which works with laundry detergents. Also eliminates odors from smoke, mildew, sweat, pets and more.

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