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Eliminate Clothing Odors

Eliminate clothing odors with Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator. Your favorite pair of jeans that you’ve worn and worked in so many times. Your workout clothes that have worked out with you again and again and again. Your kid’s wet swimsuit that got tossed in the back of the closet and then was forgotten for a month. Your kids’ sports uniforms. Your cycling clothing. All of these clothes need some extra tender loving care in order to eliminate clothing odors. Detergent alone just won’t cut it. Detergent can cover it up temporarily, but to truly eliminate odors, Febreze’s special odor eliminating formula is required. Just as regular detergent washes away dirt, Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator actually washes away odor-causing particles. So odors are eliminated after only one wash. As the writer of the article linked below mentions, we’ve all come to appreciate and trust the odor destroying power of Febreze in so many different places all throughout our home, even in our car. And now that same Febreze odor eliminating power is available to use in our laundry room. Febreze has done it again! Eliminate odors while you clean your clothes. Let Febreze eliminate clothing odors, once and for all. No perfumes required. Just measure and pour. And clothing odors will be eliminated.

Thank you Febreze for the awesome samples and for making my family smell better

I want to give a big’ol fat shoutout to Febreze, for kindly sending me their latest press kit, complete with samples. This was for the In Wash Odor Eliminator and it smells really good.

In the sample kit, it’s just one packet per load of laundry. I love Febreze and have their products in my car, my outlets, in my cleaning cabinet and now in my laundry room.

I’ve never found anything that eliminates odor as well as Febreze does.

Thanks again…

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