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Refresh Fabrics with Febreze In-Wash

Refresh fabrics with Febreze In-wash Odor Eliminator. As the article linked below discusses, change of season is a common time for change of towels, curtains, tablecloths, and other fabrics throughout your home. These items can develop a mustiness while they are packed away. Fortunately, any of these items that are washable can be refreshed by washing them and adding Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator to the wash cycle. And this is a freshness that lasts because the mustiness-causing particles are actually lifted and rinsed away. Start the season off right with odor-free and mustiness-free fabrics throughout your home. Refresh fabrics with Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator!

Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator – Review

Happy Friday loves! I was sent this Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator to review and it definitely gave that added freshness to my laundry. Febreze always gives that extra kick in refreshing anything so I wasn’t surprised one bit. With Fall in gear, I like to switch up my towels and window coverings. After things have been stored away, the last thing you want is that weird smell hanging about.

So, it was time to take down and wash before putting away, and replace things with the old. This required wash day. I washed a full load of towels and another load of curtains/drapes with this Febreze In-Wash. In addition to all those fashionable Fall Sweaters we pull back out for the chilly weather.

All of my windows are covered with curtains and/or drapes and they will definitely hold an odor from cooking in the home and lingering smells of foods, incense, or candles can give. What smells refreshing and divine for awhile will combine for an unpleasant scent. It’s always necessary to refresh everything you can!

This is simple to use. Just rip open and pour into your load along with your detergent. Easy peasy! What’s even better is that it can be used for all machines. Way to go Febreze!

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