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Laundry Hacks Save Time Save Money

Laundry Day Denim (blues…get it? I’ll see myself out.)

Laundry day doesn’t have to be a downer. These hacks will save time and money.

  • A mesh laundry bag is a must for delicates, but it can also act as a maximum security cell for flight-risk socks. Even better – one bag per person makes sock sorting a cinch.
  • Don’t bother with odd odor-fighting concoctions. A bottle of Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator does the job in one step without all the alchemy. Nothing works better to remove odors.
  • Adding a cup of coffee to your rinse cycle keeps blacks black and whites a lovely Earth Yellow or Lemon Curry, depending on roast – happy little trees not included. Let’s just stick with blacks on this one.
  • A change jar in the laundry room is great for depositing overlooked cash and coins found in pockets. Whoever washes it keeps it.
  • Hand sanitizer fights ink stains just as well as germs. Blot from the outside and wash normally in hot water.


With this list and a bottle of Febreze In-Wash Odor Remover, your laundry will look and smell amazing.

The list goes on and on, and we know you’ve got one that didn’t make the list. Post it on our Facebook page. I’m sure we can come up with a little something to reward whoever has the fan favorite.

Nobody works harder than your little athlete

With Olympic sized dreams, they have their eyes on the prize; and you are right beside them making sure they have everything they need. Uniform? Check! Towels? Check! All the laundry that comes with it? Double check. Eliminate odors from chlorine, sweat, grass, soil, or whatever sport your little champion plays in with Febreze In Wash Odor Eliminator.

There is only one first place spot on the podium, and with every swim meet you get another chance to beat your best record. At Nehemiah Manufacturing we believe in Second Chances for everyone. Learn more about Second Chances at Nehemiah Manufacturing on our website.

How to Remove Pet Odors

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Trapped Odors Released by the Odor Eliminator!

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Refresh Fabrics with Febreze In-Wash

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Remove Tough Odors with Febreze!

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Laundry Aid Eliminates Odors!

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Fresh Smelling Laundry Is Only a Wash Away!

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Laundry Odors Gone!

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